Fit Feb 2019

Fit Feb is a health and fitness-based video creation deal that targets fitness individuals and/or health and fitness-based businesses.

The video deals are aimed towards Personal Trainers, Gyms, Yoga and Dance Studios, Track and field athletes, Boxers and individuals who want to capture their current fitness form!

Check out our deals below and get in contact today!

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Basic Pack $499*

The basic package includes 1 hour shoot time, 2 hours edit and 1 fully licensed music track. The final delivered video is up to 1 min long.

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Pro Pack $799*

The Pro package includes 2 hours shoot time, 3 hours edit and up to 3 fully licensed music tracks, plus options for video frame size including square for Instagram. The final delivered video is up to 2 mins long.


Terms and conditions*

1. These terms and conditions apply in respect to all goods and services we supply.

Shoot Date
2. Shoot location, Date and time will be determined after the Fit feb form is filled out via email.

All gym location shoots need written permission from the owners (Zap, Anytime, GTT, ect…) before filming can start.

3. These deals allows up to 2 hours of shoot time (depending on package) at the specified location. Should you require further time an additional charge will apply at $120 per hour. For longer productions please fill out the contact form on this website.

Editing and Changes
5. Editing will be completed within 4 weeks of the shoot. Beyond completion of the final Master we will allow the ‘One Hour Rule’. By this it is meant that any change or alteration to the final Master that we deem will take less than one man-hour will not be charged. Additional editing will be charged at $120 per hour. 

6. The Service will be delivered to you within 4 weeks unless specifically agreed upon. These deals are valid for FEBRUARY 2019 only. exceptions apply*

7. We shall produce one master copy of the production only for your use. Should you require further copies an additional charge will apply. A separate quotation will be issued for the production of additional copies. The master copy of production will be delivered by download link. A USB copy of the production is available at $10 per USB drive.

Storage Policy
8. All media produced by us on your behalf will be stored as follows:

a. All footage will be captured in Hi-Definition (as standard) and stored on professional format digital media and transferred to our studio for ON-LINING to high speed RAID array;
b. All footage on a RAID hard drive is retained at our studio on password protected
computer systems until completion of the post production process.